Update: The Astounding Eyes of Rita (Anouar Brahem)

A while back I posted a transcription of “The Astounding Eyes of Rita", a beautiful composition by Anouar Brahem. 

My previous transcription was of how it was played on the recording, which is really useful for study, but is a bit long and confusing if you want to perform it (it was 9 pages!).  When I recently wanted to do it on a performance, I made the following “lead sheet” style chart that conveys all the important information in a more condensed format.  

I suggest listening to the recording in order to be familiar with the form the way he plays it - they do a lot of interesting things, playing one section on top of another section (i.e., clarinet plays the “A” melody while oud and bass play the "D" melody).  I tried to indicate it all as clearly as I could on the chart, but my goal was to fit everything onto 2 pages so things are very condensed/abbreviated.   The previous chart has the whole form laid out for reference here: https://brianprunka.com/words/blog/6862157/anouar-brahem-the-astounding-eyes-of-rita

That transcription has all of Brahem's oud introduction as well if you want to learn that.  The lead sheet just has the last line (where he starts singing).  

Full PDF (2 pages) here

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