Please contact me using the form on the right if you're looking for original music for your film or other creative project. I have experience with writing music for film, dance, and other dramatic works. 

If you wish to license an existing work, you may work with BMI or contact me directly.  Please note that BMI doesn't license recordings, so it's usually more efficient to contact me directly. 

Composing has always been a part of my musical process.  It's one of the ways I explore new ideas and integrate my musical experiences into a cohesive whole. When I encounter an idea or sound that moves me, my gut reaction is to wonder—how did the musicians do that? Not just what the specific music was, but what about it made it have that feeling; how can I connect to that? The process of exploring that has led me very naturally to writing my own music.  I'm fascinated by the way in which we find meaning in music and the ways in which composers engage the listener in the process of experiencing meaningful sound.  What makes a melody memorable? Why does one idea sound joyful and another melancholy? How did Gil Evans, or Mozart, or Sounbati create that feeling? How can I organize my musical experience in a way that someone else can share?

I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on composing and music in my blog, if you're interested.

Please contact me for commissions or film/TV projects and references, or if you wish to use an existing composition.


Selected prior film/theater:

Made in Islam (in production) — documentary by Siba Shakib 
Beirut on the Bayou (2019) — documentary by Brent Joseph and Raif Shwayri
Taxi Casablanca (2010) — documentary by Hind Benchekroun and Mary Fowles 
Moopim (2006) — modern dance/theater by Lee Sher and Saar Hariri

Recordings featuring my compositions:

Continuum -Prunka/Jenner (2016)
Nashaz - Nashaz (2013)
The Ocular Concern (2011) 
The Michael Jenner Group (2002)
Brian Prunka Quartet  (2001)

Nashaz Sheet Music
  • Nashaz Sheet Music

Nashaz Sheet Music

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Lead sheets with Melody and Bass parts for all tracks on the Nashaz album. Downloadable in PDF format. Please contact me directly if you need the full arrangements (all parts)

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In Praise of Shadows Sheet Music
  • In Praise of Shadows Sheet Music

In Praise of Shadows Sheet Music

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In Praise of Shadows Sheet Music

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Lead Sheets for all nine original compositions on "In Praise of Shadows".

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Selected Compositions

Compositions for Oud or Arabic/Fusion ensembles:

  • 23 Suznak
  • Ajam
  • Al-Ghayb
  • Andalus
  • Bayati Dawr Hindi
  • Bayati Khaliji
  • Beirut on the Bayou
  • City of Sand
  • Doulab Suzidil
  • Hijaz Nashaz
  • Hijazkar Kurd
  • Husayni 7
  • Jurjina
  • Longa Nahawand
  • Khaliji (B. Prunka/M. Jenner)
  • Khartoum
  • Kurd 
  • Nikriz
  • Qasabji's Nightmare
  • Saba on the Bayou
  • Sama'i Ajam
  • Sama'i Nairuz
  • Sufi
  • The Thief and the Dog
  • Turkish Backbeat
  • Waaberi
  • Wahda
  • Waiting
  • Who Knows?
  • Zikr























Jazz Compositions:

  • Ab Tune
  • Aegri Somnia
  • Agitprop
  • Aztec
  • Chant
  • Continuum
  • Folk II (Blues)
  • Edification
  • Geppetto
  • Habanera
  • Lightness and Weight
  • Night
  • Night Noises
  • Not Music
  • Old Song
  • On the Fly
  • Rain
  • Sleep
  • Three


Guitar Instrumentals:

  • Bob-a-lou
  • Fort Weller
  • Go
  • Irish Song (for Helen)
  • Seneca
  • Summer Song
  • Welcome Home
  • Winter
  • WTF