1. 06 Jurjina

From the recording Nashaz

6. Jurjina: One of Prunka's earlier compositions (previously covered by Portland, OR pianist/composer Andrew Oliver's band "The Ocular Concern" in a unusual free-jazz context), this is an extended composition with several sections; it begins and ends using the 10/8 Jurjina rhythm popular in Iraqi music, with the middle section evocative of classic Egyptian music in a typical 4/4 bellydance rhythm (Beledi). It also moves through several maqamat, or Arabic modes.

oud (Prunka), trumpet (Warren), alto sax (Herrera), bass (Sideris), riq (Scialla), frame drum,ride cymbal (Mel)
Solos in order: Prunka (oud), Herrera (alto sax), Warren (trumpet)