Nashaz brings together my love for Arabic music and my years as a jazz musician.  Featuring Kenny Warren (Slavic Soul Party) on trumpet, Matt Darriau (Paradox trio, Klezmatics) on woodwinds, John Murchison (Zikrayat, Ensemble Fanaa) on bass and a varied cast of spectacular percussionists. 

Sharq Attack - Traditional and Modern Maqam music in Brooklyn, NY featuring oud and 5-string violin, riq and darbuka

Sharq Attack

Sharq Attack plays music stemming from the maqam tradition of the middle east, ranging from Arabic favorites to obscure rarities to modern originals.  

Featuring Marandi Hostetter on 5-string violin, Brian Prunka on oud, John Murchison on bass, and Simon Moushabeck and Philip Mayer on percussion.

the Bil Afrah Project

Bil Afrah Project - NYC Ensemble playing traditional Lebanese music

The Bil Afrah Project is a diverse group of New York City musicians joined in celebrating the fortieth anniversary of one of the Middle East’s most legendary albums: Ziad Rahbani’s Bil Afrah.   An instrumental song suite recorded by Rahbani’s ensemble in 1975, Bil Afrah features some of the Arab world’s most beloved standards, as well as the dazzling taqasim (improvisations) for which the Arabic tradition is so well-known. Renowned in the Arab world, the album is a favorite of aficionados and an inspiration to musicians, and its songs are performed often. But rarely, if ever, has the Bil Afrah suite been performed in its totality, live and in sequence.   The Bil Afrah Project presents a rare opportunity to hear this masterpiece of the Arab world performed live, by an expansive Arabic-music ensemble featuring violins, bass, qanun (zither), oud (fretless lute), buzuq (fretted lute), and Arabic percussion.

Brian Prunka Trio

The Trio is a new project dedicated to playing the dozens of instrumental "songs" I've written over the years.  Not quite jazz, not quite Americana, these are just song-like tunes I've written for myself over the years.  Featuring Ben Gallina on bass as well as Philip Mayer on drums.  

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In Praise of Shadows

Brian Prunka

Recorded in New Orleans, with guitar, violin, bass and drums (and a little bit of oud!) playing original music.
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    Aztec 7:04
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    Rain 8:46
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    Go 9:18
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    Sleep 3:01
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    Aria 4:43
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    Night 6:11
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The Quartet was a group I led in New Orleans from 1998-2003 playing original jazz featuring Matt Rhody on violin, Tom Sciple on bass and Mark DiFlorio on drums.