1. 08 Ajam

From the recording Nashaz

8. ‘Ajam: This bright uptempo 7/8 tune is in the Maqam ‘Ajam, which is similar to the Western major key. Meaning, more or less, non-Arab or foriegn, it was written by Prunka when a former bandmate said he wanted to have some more contrast in the repertoire. Just to keep things interesting, the tune modulates to the stereotypical Arabic maqam Hijaz for Herrera's saxophone solo.

oud (Prunka), trumpet (Warren), alto sax (Herrera), bass (Sideris), Cajon, Ride Cymbal, snare drum (Mel)
Solos in order: Prunka (oud), Herrera (sax), Prunka (oud)