Parfum de Gitane (aka Itr al-Ghajar) عطر الغجر

Here's my transcription of one Anouar Brahem's most popular pieces, Parfum de Gitane.   This sheet music is based on the version he plays on "Astrakan Cafe," which has some minor differences from the version he plays on "Barzakh."

This is written lead-sheet style, so the music is for all instruments.  The oud generally plays a more rhythmic version wherever there are long notes, emphasizing the iqa3 (beat/rhythm). There are also some implied chords, as well as a rhythmic figure in m.6 and m.10 that I didn't notate here, but it is obvious if you listen to the recording (always a good idea). It's also common to play a harmony part at B (a 3rd higher). 

Parfum de Gitane - Sheet Music عطر الغجر

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