Oud Position Study - Etude for first course

This is a little exercise I wrote to practice the higher positions and achieving consistent intonation on the oud.   The notes are all C major on the first string. 

I suggest following the fingerings exactly to get the intended benefits — it is carefully constructed to ensure good shifting habits and make it easy to hear the correct tuning of the notes. 

Play through slowly, perfecting each line before going on to the next (my recommendation would be just do one or two lines in a day, adding lines gradually until you can do the whole thing). Try to memorize the line and play with your eyes closed, this focuses the attention and improves both sensitivity to intonation and makes muscle memory more consistent. 

Practicing this etude consistently for 1-2 months will generally result in greatly improved intonation and ability to shift up the neck confidently.

It makes a good warm-up exercise as well. 

Let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

Etude for Oud - Musical Exercise for Position Shifting

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