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Longstanding 15-year collaboration with saxophonist Michael Jenner and various other New Orleans musicians. New album available now! Featuring Geoff Clapp on drums, William A. Thompson IV on piano, and Jesse Morrow on bass.

Nashaz plays original music drawing from Arabic and jazz influences. I play oud in this group and write and arrange the music. Occasionally I may play buzuq. Other members are Kenny Warren (Slavic Soul Party, Laila and Smitty), Nathan Herrera, Apostolos Sideris, George Mel and Vin Scialla. Our self-titled debut album spent 6 weeks in the CMJ top 40 charts in both the Jazz and World categories. Available here.

In Praise of Shadows:
My first album, recorded in New Orleans. With the exception of Aria, my arrangement of a theme by Heitor Villa-Lobos, the album consists entirely of original music I composed during my time in New Orleans (1993-2003). The album is named for the well-known book on aesthetics by the major early 20th century Japanese writer Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, which discusses themes of light and darkness that I felt mirrored my approach to music.

Brian Prunka—guitar, oud
Matt Rhody—violin
Tommy Sciple—bass
Mark DiFlorio—drums


As a Side Musician:

Boo-Shah-O-Ray (2001), Olivier Bou
Personnel: Olivier Bou: vocals, baritone and tenor sax. Nicholas Payton: trumpet. Matt Lemmler: piano, melodica. Charlie Dennard: hammond organ. Jonathan Lefcoski: piano. Brian Prunka: guitar. Steve Masakowski: guitar Brian Seeger: guitar. Mark Anderson: bass. Mark DiFlorio: drums. Stanton Moore: drums. John Fraboni: drums.

The Michael Jenner Group (2002), Michael Jenner
Personnel: Michael Jenner: tenor sax. Tommy Sciple: bass. Brian Prunka: guitar. Mark DiFlorio: drums. Jesse Lewis: guitar. Simon Lott: drums. Brian Seeger: pedal steel guitar. Andrew McLean: tabla. Brian Coogan: Fender Rhodes.

Instrumental Arrangements from Eritrea (2002), Yonas Ghirmay
Personnel: Yonas Ghirmay: piano. Brian Prunka: guitar, oud, arranger. Michael Jenner: saxophone. Matt Rhody: violin. Andy Wolf: baby bass. Michael Skinkus: bata, congas. Jason Marsalis: drums.

Live at Lotus (2007), Zikrayat
Personnel: Ghaida Hinnawi: vocals. Sami Abu Shumays: violin, rababa, vocals. Brian Prunka: oud. Bridget Robbins: nay. Aaron Paige: percussion. Nikolai Ruskin: percussion, mizmar, vocals

Live at the Sanctuary (2008, DVD), Ravish Momin's Trio Tarana
Tracks: Fiza, Gyarah, Peace for Kabul, Ragalaya, Tehrah

Christmas Joy (2010), The John Mahoney Big Band
Personnel: Bobby Campo, Brian Graber, Jimmy Weber, Dave Blask, Riccardo Emilien (trumpets); Rick Trolsen, Jeff Albert, Jerry Verges, Charlie Halloran, John Mahoney (trombones); Brian Prunka (Guitar); Meghan Swartz (piano); Jesse Boyd (bass); David Mahoney (drums); Michael Skinkus (percussion)

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